• Accelerate Content Delivery

    Take away the load from your servers with OORT edge nodes.

    Your applications can deliver content faster, enabling an upgraded Web3 user experience.

    Cut down 90% of your bandwidth costs. 

  • Speed Up Web3 File Searching

    Web3 file searches can be slow and difficult. OORT Edge can make them much faster and easier.

    OORT edge nodes expedite the file tagging and indexing process by tagging local data with labels and rapidly constructing a distributed hash table (DHT) at the edge.

  • Support Data Analytics

    Enable Web3 data analytics at a greater scale.

    Pre-processing the data at OORT edge nodes decreases latency in the decision-making process on connected devices.

    OORT edge nodes collect data directly from closest data sources, pre-analyze it, and create actionable insights in real-time.

  • Enhanced Security

    OORT Edge is designed to improve data security and resiliency by reducing the risks of potential data leaks. 

    All files are encrypted, fragmented, and cached at geo-distributed edge nodes.

    OORT edge nodes utilize the cutting-edge encryption technologies such as zero-knowledge proof to protect user privacy and security at the edge.

Frequently asked questions

Where to buy OORT?

$OORT is available on Gate.io, Bitget, BitMart, Pionex exchanges.

How do I connect Lp Deimos Device to the OORT Network?

Turn on Lp Deimos Device and it will automatically connect to OORT Edge

What does Lp DeimosDevice do?

Deimos will store, process and transfer data to enable massive adoption of Web3 applications

I need help with my Lp Deimos Device. How can I contact support?

Download Ale Wallet appto easily connect your Deimos device and manage your earnings.

Why is my Lp Deimos Device offline?

Ultimately users are required to provide stable broadband speeds. no matter what the situation

You may need to contact us to reconnect. Write to us here [including telegram. WeChat, email, phone] Please see Contact Us

Be the Edge

As an edge node provider, you can support various Web2 and Web3 applications while earning rewards. By running an edge node and providing storage and compute capacity, you can help these applications to easily scale.