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Aethir Edge: Next Level DePIN Hardware

Aethir Edge: Next Level DePIN Hardware

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What is Aethir

Aethir is an enterprise-focused, distributed GPU cloud provider with the largest GPU network and highest committed revenue within the DePIN sector. Aethir holds the keys to global GPU compute, arguably the most valuable and most disruptive asset in history.

About Aethir Edge

Aethir Edge is a visionary hardware cloud computing device that anticipates the rapid expansion of enterprises and user bases that need cloud computing. Aim to distribute Aethir Edge devices worldwide to reach the network's edge so that users who are far away from centralized server hubs can also enjoy flawless GPU cloud computing. By distributing edge computing devices, Aethir plans to create thousands of cloud computing edge nodes that can facilitate raw, unused GPU power from idle GPUs to Aethir's clients.

With a compact, elegant design, the Aethir Edge is a practical device that can easily fit into a user's environment. There's no massive device casing, loud working noise, or colossal power consumption. 

Passive Income Through Collaborative Computing

Aethir Edge brings unprecedented passive income opportunities to device owners. Not only does operating an Aethir Edge device contribute to the overall stability and performance of the Aethir decentralized cloud infrastructure, but it also carries tremendous financial benefits for owners.

Operating an Aethir Edge device will earn users 23% of the total $ATH token supply. The upcoming $ATH token will launch in Q2 2024, allowing Aethir Edge owners to earn passive income while building the future of cloud computing.

Users don't need to commit 100% of their broadband, bandwidth, or GPU power to Aethir Edge. In fact, Aethir Edge handles the computing load optimization according to the user's current usage. This mechanism lets Aethir Edge owners casually use their computers. For example, the edge computing device modifies the percentage of a user's GPU power available in Aethir's network based on current consumption. Effectively, Aethir Edge only utilizes a user's idle GPU power.

By running an Aethir Edge device, users can take advantage of their idle GPU capacity to earn passive income while working on their computers, watching content, or playing games. They also stand to earn maximized rewards while their GPUs are idle because, during those periods, Aethir Edge can utilize 100% of their GPU capacity. Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure enables Aethir Edge to pool GPU power from multiple sources, thus creating a decentralized, collaborative GPU pooling structure.

The Aethir Edge mobile app helps users easily set up their edge computing device with a dedicated crypto wallet service included in the app. Setting up the crypto wallet is a key step for earning $ATH token rewards. The whole user experience is designed to easily onboard new users into the Aethir Ecosystem by offering them a streamlined Aethir Edge setup process, which they can entirely handle on their smartphones.

Shaping the Future of DePIN

The Aethir Edge, combined with the rest of Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure, is transforming how enterprises in the AI, machine learning, and gaming industries utilize GPU power. By accessing the vast global deposits of unused GPU power, Aethir opens the door to a much more efficient Web 3.0 iteration of cloud computing. 

Aethir Edge is at the forefront of DePIN evolution and community ownership, allowing device owners to earn passive income while empowering GPU-demanding enterprises.

Token Distribution of Aethir

Hardware Specification

Chip: Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 865
Operating System: Android 10/13
Memory: 12GB LPDDR5 + 256GB UFS 3.1
Wireless: WIFI6 2T2R + BT5.2
Network Port: 1000M GE LAN
Network bandwidth requirements for Uplink & Downlink: 20M or above Encryption
Power Adapter: 12V 4A



Maintenance: In-house developers will be responsible for the basic maintenance of Edge devices (basic maintenance refers to status monitoring of the devices and software upgrades). 

Warranty: 3 years


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